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Outrageous Behavior – Horses, Dogs, and People

There are days when I wonder if the ones I love (especially dogs and horses) have lost their minds. They behave in outrageous ways that shock or mystify. My first response is usually, “What were you thinking?!?” The main lesson learned over years paralleling relationship with horses and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that every
Category: Gospel Horse

Old Earth vs New Earth

Simple explanation of the greatest faith debates of our day: Creation vs Evolution. Young earth vs Old earth. Was Adam created or did he evolve? Where does Jesus fit into evolutionary theory?
Category: Living In the World

Tolerance: the Doctrine of Death

Tolerance is the standard by which most ideologies and behaviors are now judged. The specific content of various doctrines aren’t evaluated or considered, just how well everyone tolerates or endorses them. Such tolerance is the mechanism that delivers death to a people, to a nation, and to a world.
Category: Living In the World

Select a Candidate Like You Choose a Doctor

Should a candidate give specific policy commitments? The answer might surprise you. Instead of arguing about which political candidate is best or worst, let's talk about how you select a doctor.
Category: Living In the World

Closing Arguments in “God vs The United States of America”

"God vs. The United States of America" pits human nature against God himself. Tolerance of human individualism in recent decades characterizes God as either myth or monster. The United States is charged with the capital crime of arrogance resulting from the institutional self-indulgence of her people. Closing arguments are being made before the Judge of
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Don’t be a Political Pharisee

Politicians are not supermen. They are imperfect flesh and blood men just like you and me. Political Pharisees perch on elevated pedestals above those asking for their vote like Caesar, deciding whether to give thumbs up or thumbs down. Pharisees are judgmental hypocrites. Pharisees quoted scripture and applied it to everyone but themselves.
Category: Living In the World

The End of Human History

The timeline of human history is nearing its end. There will be no more prophetic embellishments. We have arrived at the beginning of judgment.
Category: Living In the World

The United States: an entitlement battlefield on the path to destruction

No unity remains in the United States of America except the unity within self-centered microcosms of human fear. Human nature leads us to fear all who are not "like we are." The United States is an entitlement battlefield on the path to destruction.
Category: Living In the World

Your Life Song – Sweet or Out of Tune?

God composes a unique melody for each individual. The bliss of total harmony of body, soul, spirit, and circumstance is ours when we keep every behavior and thought on key. The instant one note wanders from the published score our life song becomes discordant.
Category: Living In the World
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